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Access all the important information about EMS continuing education requirements for Nassau County.


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Required Courses for Recertification





Medication Delivery (NRP Edition)Online (Recert)
Fluid Resuscitation (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
A Guide to Autonomic Pharmacology (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)

Airway Management

Oxygenation (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Ventilation (NRP Edition)Online (Recert)

Respiratory & Cardiac Emergencies

Adult Cardiac Arrest (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Congestive Heart Failure (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)

Environmental / Behavioral Gynecological Emergencies

Endocrine Emergencies: Diabetes and Adrenal Disorders (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Psychiatric and Behavior Emergencies (NRP Edition)Online (Recert)


Circulation, Hemorrhage, and Shock (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Secondary Assessment of the Trauma Patient (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Special Considerations in Trauma Online (Recert)
Airway Assessment and Management of the Trauma Patient (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Kinematics of Trauma (ALS/BLS)Online (Recert)
Trauma Triage, Enhanced Version (BLS/ALS Edition)Online (Recert)

Obstetric Emergencies

Obstetric Emergencies (ALS Edition)

Online (Recert)


Newborn Resuscitation (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies (ALS Edition)Online (Recert)

EMS Operations

Field Triage: Disasters and MCIs, Enhanced Version (BLS/ALS Edition)Online (Recert)
Patients with Special Health Care Needs (NRP Edition)Online (Recert)



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