NREMT Paramedic NCCP 2012 Requirements


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NREMT Paramedic NCCP 2012 Recertification Model

Note: A total of 60 hours of continuing education is required to recertify

Paramedic National Content Required: 30 Hours

CategoryTopicHoursApplicable Recert Courses
Airway, Respiration, Ventilation (4 Hours)
Ventilation2View Recert Airway & Ventilation Courses
Capnography 1View Recert Airway & Ventilation Courses
Advanced Airway Management in the perfusing patient1View Recert Airway & Ventilation Courses
Cardiovascular (10 Hours)
Post-Resuscitation Care2View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Ventricular Assist Devices.5View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Stroke 1.5View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Cardiac Arrest2View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Pediatric Cardiac Arrest 2.5View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Congestive Heart Failure.5View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Acute Coronary Syndrome1View Recert Cardiovascular Courses
Trauma (4 Hours)
Field Triage1View Recert Trauma Courses
Central Nervous System (CNS) Injury2View Recert Trauma Courses
Tourniquets.5View Recert Trauma Courses
Fluid Resuscitation.5View Recert Trauma Courses
Medical (7 Hours)
Special Healthcare Needs2View Recert Medical Courses
OB Emergencies1View Recert Medical Courses
Communicable Diseases1View Recert Medical Courses
Medication Delivery1View Recert Medical Courses
Pain Management 1View Recert Medical Courses
Psychiatric and Behavioral Emergencies1View Recert Medical Courses
Operations (5 Hours)
At-Risk Populations1View Recert EMS Operations Courses
Pediatric Transport .5View Recert EMS Operations Courses
EMS Culture of Safety.5View Recert EMS Operations Courses
Affective Characteristics1View Recert EMS Operations Courses
Crew Resource Management1View Recert EMS Operations Courses
Role of Research in EMS 1View Recert EMS Operations Courses
Total 30

Paramedic Local Continued Competency Requirements (LCCR) : 15 Hours

These requirements are developed at the local EMS level and may be specified by your State EMS Office, EMS region directors (if applicable), or agency level administrators (for example Training Officers and Medical Directors). If not specified, you may use any additional state or CECBEMS-approved EMS–related education towards these requirements.

Paramedic Individual Continued Competency Requirements (ICCR) - 15 Hours

You may use any additional state or CECBEMS-approved EMS–related education towards these requirements.

Maximum Distributive Education (DE) Allowances:

Distributive Education (DE) is any instruction method where the student does not have access to an instructor in real time. Examples include: online courses, video reviews, and journal article reviews. Note: CECBEMS uses the F3 designation for distributive education. Other CECBEMS designations F1 (one-time events), F2 (multiple-event activities), and F5 (Virtual Instructor Led Training-VILT) are not classified as distributive education and can be counted as instructor based training.
National Continued Competency Requirements 10 One-third or 10 of the DE hours may be used towards your NCCR.
Local Continued Competency Requirements 10 Two-thirds or 10 of the DE hours may be used towards your LCCR.
Individual Continued Competency Requirements 15 Three-thirds or 15 of the DE hours may be used towards your ICCR
View the full 2012 NREMT National Continued Competency Program Paramedic PDF documentation.

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