Frequently Asked Questions About Add-On Packages


Can I buy individual courses and not just the HR or OSHA packages?
Yes, you can purchase any of these courses individually. When you complete the course, you'll need to treat it as a non-Recert course to track your completion. You can also print a digital course completion card.


Are these add-on courses part of unlimited subscription?
No, individual subscriptions and employer subscriptions only include access to the 250+ fire and EMS courses. HR and OSHA courses and packages are not included.

Are these courses tracked within the Recert portfolio tool (individual courses or packages)?
HR and OSHA courses can be tracked, but you must manually enter these courses into the portfolio tool as you would any other non-Recert course.

Does my state or employer accept this content?
Some states, like California, have their own requirements, and employer requirements can vary as well. You should check with your employer or regulatory office to verify acceptance.

Is CAPCE credit available for these courses?
No, HR and OSHA courses are not eligible for CAPCE credit.

Will I receive a completion card or certificate for these courses?
Yes, a Recert completion certificate will be delivered digitally upon completion. The certificate will include the course tittle, course length in hours, and date of completion.